Our Projects are mainly focussed on:

  • Providing support to children from underprivileged Communities’ to enable them to go to school.

  • Providing various kinds of support (not limited to financial) to the school to deliver quality education.

Why are we targeting the education based projects? Because we believe “Education opens windows of opportunities and has the power to improve anyone’s livelihood.”

Based on the statistical data from The United Nations Childrens’ Fund  (UNICEF), one of the major reasons for children from underprivileged communities dropping out of their school is related to their very poor financial status of their families and lack of educational resources.

Jana Jagrity Secondary School (JJSS), JHAPA – Supporting 25 students

Jana Jagrity Secondary School (JJSS) is located at Ward No 1, Haldibari Gaupalika, Jhapa, NEPAL (Formally Ward No 4, Goldhap VDC). Goldhap is a small village located approximately 11 km south of Birtamode and 13 km west of Chandragadi/Bhadradrapur.

The main source of income is agriculture. There is a mixed community with some families being able to send out their children for quality education, whereas some local families and their children have lack of privilege to pursue primary and secondary education without helping their parents in household chorus and/or in farming at Goldhap.

Welfare Nepal Inc aims to support these underprivileged children from grade 1 to grade 8 who are currently enrolled at the School. While the Nepal Government provides basic textbooks to the students, it does not provide other additional school material. This project aims to provide those additional school material (e.g. notebooks, pencils, pens, erasers, other stationery, school bag, school uniforms etc.) and miscellaneous expenses to the underprivileged school children. All beneficiary students are from disadvantaged and poor family. There are few students from local/aboriginal tribe called Satar (also known as Santyal) who are traditionally being disadvantaged in many respects.

As part of this project, Welfare Nepal has distributed Educational materials and Financial support at the School in the presence of School Administration, School Management Committee, Local Elected Leaders, District Educational Team, Local Media and General Public on 23rd January 2019 (9th Margh 2075).

The support was for the year 2076 B.S.  Welfare Nepal supported twenty-five under-privileged students by providing stationary materials, school uniforms and financial support (NRs. 2000 per student). Further financial support of NRs. 2000 will be provided to these students based on next (2076 B.S.) term exams. Welfare Nepal will continue to support these students until grade 10 subject to their academic outcome and recommendation from the School. Total estimated cost to run this project is approximately Australian $3,000 per year.

Other information is available in Welfare Nepal Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/WelNep/.

Mane Danda Primary School(MDPS), Alampu, Dolakha

Although located just 250Kms away from the  capital city Kathmandu, this area is still categorised as the remote area and was one of the severly impacted area from the earthquake in April, 2015.

Based on the data provided by district education office, 90% of the schools in Dolakha district were damaged by the earthquake and were running on a temporary makeshift shelters (Tin house). The impact of the earthquake was not only limited to the schools but every household and every families were impacted.  Mane Dada Primary School is located in Alampu, VDC of Dolakha district. This village being remote and a home for a majority of an underprivileged community, the effect of the earthquake impacted almost all the household within Alampu VDC. Many kids lost their parents and were not able to continue with their education. Many kids could not continue their education as their parents were struggling to manage the day to day necessities for living. This resulted on a high number of school drop outs.

The overall objective of this project is to improve the educational status of the underprivileged kids of Alampu village in Dolakha . This project will focus on motivating children and their families to understand the importance of education. Welfare Nepal(WN) will be continually working with this community to address issues related to Kids access to education. The idea is to create a community who advocates for the need of education hence reducing the number of drop outs from the school. Welfare Nepal has recently signed a Grant agreement with Mande Dada Primary School(MDPS) to support the Children of  Alampu for their education with the following two Objectives (ongoing Support based on the annual review and mutual understanding between WN and MDPS):

  1. To provide educational sponsorship to 10 children studying at MDPS, Bigu Rural Municipality –06 Alampu, Dolakha, selected based on economical background of their family.
  2. To provide educational scholarship to 6 children (1 Boy & 1 Girl from class 1 to class 3) studying at MDPS, Bigu Rural Municipality – 06 Alampu, Dolakha, selected based on their merit.

Mahila Aatma Nirvarta Kendra (MANK), Sindhupalchowk

This project was carried out to support 9 children from Sindhupalchowk who were affected by the earthquake in April, 2015.

Due to this devastating earthquake, some of these children lost their parents, some of them lost their homes and relatives and were struggling to continue with their education and wellbeing. MANK though being an organisation working on women’s welfare took over these kids as they were vulnerable to trafficking. MANK tried their best to support these kids through various donors and local supports but were struggling to get a stable support. WN reached out to MANK to support these kids for their education and wellbeing. Starting from Nov 2016, WN continued its support till Nov 2017 until all children were relocated to organisation like SOS working on children welfare, whereas some of these children were reunited with their family members as well.

Download MANK Project Proposal
Download Detailed Grant Agreement between MANK and WN
Download Project Completion Report

Our project selection criterias

Our project selection criterions are based on the following:

  • Location of Project (Rural are prefered as the communities in these areas are found to be in needy stage.)
  • Type and Number of Beneficiaries
  • Budget
  • Impactful, Manageable, Measurable and Achievable
  • Form is available to propose potential projects.