Mahila Aatma Nirvarta Kendra (MANK), Sindhupalchowk

This project was done to support 9 childrens from Sindhupalchowk who were severely affacted by the earthquake. Some of the kids had lost there parents some of them had lost their homes and relatives and were struggling to continue with their education and well being. MANK though being a organisation working on women’s welfare took over these kids and were looking for support from external agencies. WN reached out to MANK to support these kids for their education and well being. Starting from Nov 2016, WN continued its support till Nov 2017 till all these Kids were moved to proper organisations working on childern eduaction and well being. Some of these Kids were reunited with their family members as well.

MANK Project Proposal

Detailed Grant Agreement between MANK and WN.

Project Completion Report