Mane Danda Primary School(MDPS):


Although located just 250Kms away from Kathmandu, This area is still catagorized as the remote area and was a severly impacted area from the earthquake in 2015. Based on the data given by district education office, 90% if the schools in Dolakha district were damaged by the earthqauke and  are currently running on a temporary makeshift shelters (Tin house). The impact of the earthquake was not only limited to the schools but every household and almost every families were impacted.  Mane Dada Primary School is loacted in Alampu, VDC of Dolakha district. This village being remote and a home for a majority of a underprividleged community, the affect of the earthquake impacted almost all the household within this area. Many kids lost thier parents and were not able to conitinue with their education. Many kids could not continue their education as their parents were struggling to manage the day to day necessities for living. This resulted on a high number of school drop outs.

The overall objective of this project is to improve the educational status of the underprivildeged kids of Alampu village in Dolakha . This project will focus on motivating childern and their families to understand the importance of education. Welfare Nepal(WN) will be continually working with this community to address issues realted to Kids access to education. The idea is to create a community who adovocates for the need of education hence reducing the number of drop outs from the school. Welfare Nepal has recently signed a Grant agreement with Mande Dada Primary School(MDPS) to support the Childerns of  Alampu for their education with the following two Objectives: (On going Support based on the annual review and mutual understanding between WN and MDPS)

1)To provide educational sponsorship to 10 children studying at MDPS, Bigu Rural Municipality –06 Alampu, Dolakha, selected based on economical background of their family.
2)To provide educational scholarship to 6 children (1 Boy & 1 Girl from each class 1-3) studying at MDPS, Bigu Rural Municipality – 06 Alampu, Dolakha, selected based on their merit.

A copy of this Grant Agreement can be downloaded from the Download Section.